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Memorial Day

By May 27, 2024May 28th, 2024No Comments

On Memorial Day, it is often thought of as a day off of work, a day to grill and have friends over but often we take for granted the immense sacrifice so many veterans have made since 1775 to allow us to live these amazing lives.  We are so well off in America that we worry about things that don’t matter, we are consumed by controversies that will never affect us and we use those artificial stressors as a distraction from what is truly important.  On this day, more than any other, we should celebrate America while being overwhelmingly thankful for the devotion, steadfastness and bravery of the men and women that defended this country since its inception.

America has brought more good to the world than any other country on the planet, our drive to innovate, succeed, protect and help others stands in stark contrast to so many countries that operate solely for the benefit of themselves.  No country is perfect but our drive to attain the unattainable is a cultural superpower that is our secret sauce, the one thing no other country can replicate.  Much like armies of yesteryear who would hire Spartan hoplites to train their armies in hopes they would be as good as Sparta, you can emulate our tactics but you cannot emulate our soul.

Today we celebrate the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, those who did what had to be done in face of insurmountable odds to allow the rest of us to live this amazing life.  Our deepest appreciation, love and gratitude goes out to all the people that have served, those that have given their time, blood, sweat and tears but most of all to those that are no longer with us.