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How We Serve

At Farm2Veteran, we take special care to create the best possible lives for our animals because we believe that veterans deserve nothing less than food produced through homegrown, ethical farming.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Farm-Fresh

When it comes to caring for our animals, Farm2Veteran goes to a whole new level. We put an unparalleled emphasis on our animals’ well-beings and frequently examine our practices to see how we can improve our quality of care. Integrity is a cornerstone value for our organization, and it shines through to everything we do on the farm.

Our Grass Is
Always Greener.

We feed our animals the best diets filled with protein, calcium and other nutrients, and we give them lots of space to roam. For example, while many commercial farmers only provide a little over one square foot inside a coop to each of their chickens, our birds enjoy nearly 10 times that amount of space. We also use the nitrogen cycle instead of fighting it by constantly rotating the grazing locations of our animals. While our animals move onto new fields, the fields where they just grazed can rest, which allows plants to absorb the waste as a natural fertilizer.

Even Better Than Organic.

We don’t use the “organic” label for our products because we think it is still too low of a standard for our products. Organic food does not need to be pesticide-free to receive a stamp of approval, but we never use herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics or hormones in our farming process. We always strive to be honest and transparent about exactly how we raise each animal at our farm.


Kevin Van Eekeren

Founder & CEO

As Farm2Veteran’s founder, Kevin is a man on a mission: to help veterans, however he can. Kevin has always believed that you don’t need a huge operation to make a difference, and he proves that every day by maximizing the potential of our farm to feed as many veterans as possible. Through a dedicated focus on delivering the best-quality produce and meat, Kevin also works to show people the importance of knowing exactly how your food is produced.

Mike Vega

Farm Manager

Mike has been Kevin’s right-hand man since he was 19. As farm manager, Mike is the fulcrum of our operation. Using a long-held passion for building things, Mike is always finding ways to build Farm2Veteran into a more efficient organization. He works hard behind-the-scenes to allow us to have a greater impact on veterans in need. His service on the farm plays a pivotal role in supporting our mission.

Help Our Farm.

Farm2Veteran is a for-purpose organization supported by donations from people like you! Together, we can lighten the loads of our country’s heroes and give them meals they will never forget. Support our mission by giving a one-time gift, donating a monthly meal, supporting our animals or securing naming sponsorships.

How to Support